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Foot/Gait Analysis

Our feet are our foundation for any locomotion (movement). Structural dysfunction and/or biomechanical dysfunction of how we stand, walk and run can be a major cause of pain not only in the feet, knees or hips but can also be a major cause of back and spinal pain. Using our proprietary software and GaitScan Scanner along with a few pictures we are able to assess foot problems such as pes planus - flat feet, pes cavus - high arches, hyperpronation – excessive rolling inwards, hypersupination – excessive rolling outwards and develop custom foot orthotics or insoles which can be used to address your foot concerns. Also we are able to assess faulty mechanics of walking or running and a custom exercise program to address those problems.

Conditions that would benefit from foot/gait analysis:  plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, metatarsalgia, bunions, hallux valgus, hallux rigidus, mortons neuroma, achilles tendonitis, knee pain, hip pain, SI joint pain, mechanical low back pain 


After a thorough history and physical examination by Dr. Bajaj, you may be recommended a foot/gait analysis and/or custom foot orthotics and custom exercise program.


A typical assessment takes 10-15minutes and maybe repeated as a follow up to assess corrections or future progressions.

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